Althahabi Furniture Mist - 500 ml Scent 4 me


99 SAR 69 SAR

Bedspread Freshener 5 Nujoom

It combines the luxury and luxury of the East and the temptation and beauty of the West (Oriental) A blend of oriental notes of luxurious incense and precious amber And between the temptation of luscious orange flower and soft vanilla The fragrance opens with incense mixed with notes of orange flower Then amber sits in the heart of the fragrance, captivating it with luxury and sophistication Then luxurious musk and calm vanilla appear It gives the fragrance soft luxury and attractive temptation freshener ingredients Orange flower - incense Amber - lavender flower - papyrus wood Bourbon Vanilla - Musk Very suitable for perfuming boards

  • 99 SAR 69 SAR

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