About Us

Welcome to Scent4Me, your gateway to unique and distinguished perfumes. We put years of experience in your hands to offer you the finest perfumes.

who are we?

A pioneering Saudi company, aspiring to achieve Vision 2030, we seek to gain customers’ trust by providing the finest locally manufactured perfumes, in line with the “Made in Saudi” program in order to develop the national industry and logistics services, encourage consumers to purchase local goods and develop and enhance the Kingdom’s exports to global markets.

We will continue to work continuously, with sincerity and dedication to improve the quality of our products and develop our industry to exceed the expectations of all our customers by providing the best after the best of perfumes and distinctive services.

We can only thank you for your trust, interest and browsing our website, and we will strive to present new luxury products that carry the fragrance of the East mixed with the scent of the past.

our vision

global ambition

- To be - in God's willing - the first name in the world of oriental perfumes

- To become a global brand offering a purely Saudi industry.

Our goal

We manufacture and export oriental perfumes extracted from famous aromatic plants to all parts of the world in an authentic oriental mold

Developing the oriental perfume industry and upgrading it to the world.