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Noble Musk and Sea Oud EDP Set

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Sea Noble Perfumes Collection for men and women; two fragrances designed for lovers of adventure and distinguished by a fragrance that combines East and West in a modern way. Charming and attractive perfumes with high-end scents.

Noble Musk is an amazing musk fragrance that blends East and West in a modern way that mimics modernity.

It smells charming and attractive with a blend of citruses with touches of musk, floral, blend of woods, amber, and wonderful vanilla.

Its aroma is fragrant and strong and is characterized by an exciting and attractive scent, adding a touch of elegance and luxury that charms everyone and lasts for long periods.

Ingredients: The fragrance starts with a mixture of bergamot, lavender, and tangerine, and the middle notes are jasmine, apple, peach, rose and musk.

As for the base of the fragrance, it is a mixture of wood, amber, and vanilla

Sea Oud is a fragrance of a special blend that combines the scent of rare and precious agarwood and the magic of the refreshing scent of ocean water in a captivating combination of fresh seawater waves contrasted with the scent of incense wood.

The combination represents several aspects between originality and freshness, as it is like alternating waves of contrasting incense, agarwood wood, and ocean water.

This is a turning point in the world of perfume because it combines two of the most attractive elements in the world and gives you pleasant and very strong scents

Notes: sea salt, sea notes, agarwood, blue agarwood, pink pepper, lubane, seaweed, balsam, peppo wood, and amber.

Focus: Eau de Parfum

Size: 100 ml

Gender: for men and women

Fragrance Family: Fresh Watery

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  • 680 SAR 316 SAR

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