Intimate Oud EDP Set Scent 4 me

Sea and Touch Me Oud EDP Set

680 SAR 320 SAR

Intimate Oud EDP collection, two fragrances of rare oriental agarwood, with a refreshing ocean scent that is impressive and attractive.

Sea Oud is a fragrance of a special blend that combines the rare and precious scent of agarwood and the magic of the refreshing scent of ocean water in a captivating blend of fresh seawater waves contrasting with the scent of incense wood.

The combination represents several aspects between originality and freshness, as it is like alternating waves of contrasting incense, agarwood wood, and ocean water.

A turning point in the world of perfume because it combines two of the most attractive elements in the world and gives you pleasant and very strong scents

Notes: sea salt, sea notes, agarwood (oud), pink pepper, lumber, seaweed, balsam, peppo wood, amber.

Touch Me Oud is a luxurious unisex fragrance designed in a luxurious oriental style. With its impressive and alluring scent, it is the perfect complement for men and women who are confident in themselves and have their own charm, as well as strong passion, who do not settle for anything ordinary.

Touch Me Oud is a luxurious luxury made of spicy agarwood and fragrant flowers. While wood adds an earthy delicacy to the scent, roses stand out with their delicate fragrance.

In addition to these two exciting ingredients, the scent is enriched with a spicy blend of saffron and smooth vanilla.

With a sweet aroma of sweet caramel, it is a true embodiment of passion and pleasure

Ingredients: Oud, Chocolate, Vanilla, Saffron, Rose.

Focus: Eau de Parfum

Size: 100ml

Gender: for men and women

Fragrance Family: Fresh and oriental aquatic

  • 680 SAR 320 SAR

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